Mark McColl
My interest in photography stems back to my childhood, initially working with slide film on a Nikon SLR before eventually progressing to digital media. However, it wasn't until my early thirties that I began really critically appraising my images. Some 20 years on (I'm not in my thirties anymore!) and this has led to an all-consuming passion. Those that know me will testify that I eat, sleep and breathe photography.


It may be a love of the outdoors. It may be wanderlust. It may be escapism. It may be mindfulness. It's probably all of these, and much more. Many decades on from when I picked up my first camera, I still get a buzz of excitement when on location in the anticipation of the light I've been waiting on, or finding the composition I've been searching for.

My background is in the medical profession, with over 30 years experience on the frontline of the UK NHS as a Doctor. I live and work in Scotland, which I believe to be amongst the most beautiful countries anywhere on the planet. It's perhaps not surprising that many of my images have been captured within a few hours of home, setting my alarm clock in anticipation of that excitement I mentioned earlier. My love of the Scottish landscape probably also explains my fondness for Iceland and the Nordic countries, which share many similarities with Scotland.

I have had a number of joint and solo exhibitions over the years, including prints at the OxO in London (2018) and at the Mall galleries, London (2016). My work has been published in various magazines and newspapers including The London Times, The Herald, Outdoor Photography magazine, Landscape Photography magazine, Practical Photography as well as appearing in various exhibition brochures and books. I have also written articles for magazines such as Outdoor Photography and my images have been used commercially for uses as diverse as book covers to wallpaper.

I gained a distinction award from the photographic alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB) for my prints in 2009. I have been a regular contributor to international photography exhibitions for many years, and have won a number of international awards. I have also had success in various international competitions, notably the UK Landscape Photographer of the year, Outdoor Photographer of the year, Scottish landscape photographer of the year and Scottish nature photography award competitions.

Workshops - join me at some epic locations!

I run a number of Photography workshops each year both independently through Mark McColl Photography Ltd, and as a tour leader for Light and Land, Charlie Waite's renowned photography tour company. I have a long-standing passion for education and learning, and have extensive training and experience in this area, particularly in giving constructive feedback. I give a large number of photography talks around Scotland's photographic clubs each year, and am more than happy to pass on knowledge gained over the years to others. If you join me on a workshop you can expect to be out shooting from dawn to dusk, weather permitting. I will take the time to ensure you know / learn the basics of photography (exposure, depth of field, use of filters etc) as well as spending significant time on compositional skills and reading light in the field. We will also spend some time on image processing if adverse weather precludes shooting on a particular day / part of a day. My workshops have the reputation for being a lot of fun, and many clients return for successive trips.

You can follow me on Instagram (and Facebook) where I regularly post new images, using the links from this website (see navigation buttons below). I also make YouTube videos, relating to all things photographic, which you can access using the YouTube navigation button below.

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I do hope that you enjoy looking at the images on my website. If you are interested in any of the workshops, drop me a line to register interest or to book a place. The best way to find out about my workshops is to subscribe to my newsletter - many of the places are booked up via this route before any advertising.

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